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Progeny of 204799-C [023857] Belle Fourche Mr. Right  
Records 1 - 20 of 36 records found matching your criteria: Sire Reg # = 204799
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Links Reg # Name Sex Birth Date Dam Reg # Dam Name Breeder Owner
023271 Sant'Angelo Red Sara Female   300884-C LOF PHX Meara    
025064 Belle Fourche Lasair Male 2/22/2011 200194 Circle H's Nutmeg Gabriella Nanci  
026652 Dexter Downs King David Male   202878-C Hillview Wendy    
027009 NSF Little Red Female 9/30/2011 023177 B Freedom Rider Joseph Fochler  
028473 Dexter Downs Ciara Female   204213 Lady Harriett Blue    
033469 Dexter Downs Wrangler Male   204235 Belle Fourche Lorna    
034442 Dexter Downs Lamborghini Male 12/17/2013 205335-C Belle Fourche Madeline    
036885 Fairsing Barbie's Adam Male 10/14/2014 029490 FF Barbie Doll Mark Sisk  
204802-C Belle Fourche Fifi Female 11/25/2007 203415 Hillview Fiona Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
204936-C Belle Fourche Ruby Tues Female 2/19/2008 200194 Circle H's Nutmeg Gabriella Nanci Jeri McLeod
204938-C Belle Fourche I Luv Lucy Female 8/2/2008 203416 Hillview Jemma Gabriella Nanci Darius Monsef
204939-C Belle Fourche Monique Female 8/4/2008 202964 Belle Fourche Mon Chere Gabriella Nanci Darius Monsef
205118 Belle Fourche Winslow Male 6/6/2008 202878-C Hillview Wendy Gabriella Nanci Brandy Shull
205119-C Belle Fourche Strawberry Female 9/8/2008 203586-C Serenity Oak Farm Cafe Gabriella Nanci Ronnie Penot
205121 Belle Fourche Natalie Female 11/10/2008 203405 Belle Fourche Nadia Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
205123 Belle Fourche Escobar Male 5/4/2008 200473 Hillview Sally Gabriella Nanci Ivan Barnes
205333-C Belle Fourche Ms. Muffet Female 10/31/2008 201644 Hillview Frida Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
205334-C Belle Fourche Valerie Female 1/29/2009 200480-C Hillview Vanessa P Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
205339-C Belle Fourche Clay Male 8/8/2008 203147 Belle Fourche Chamomile Gabriella Nanci Jeri McLeod
205342-C Belle Fourche Eloise Female 1/30/2009 205335-C Belle Fourche Madeline Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
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